Discover How SiDi & STC

Can Empower You!

Why Choose SiDi?

Financial Simplicity

SiDi Digital Wallet

Open a free digital wallet  through SiDi with no minimum balance.

Money Transfer Online

Send money home conveniently anytime, anywhere, with best rates.

Wallet to Wallet

Transfer money instantly to your family or friends who have a SiDi wallet.

Super Transfer

Enjoy an international remittance service, Super Transfer, which allows you to transfer money home for free with the best exchange rates through the SiDi App.

Western Union

Transfer money to the largest corridor network in the world using Western Union service.

Complimentary SIM + Bundle from stc

Complimentary stc SIM + bundle with your new sidi wallet

How to benefit from this offer?

Download the SiDi Wallet App

Open your SiDi Wallet

Get your complimentary stc SIM + bundle with your new SiDi Wallet

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