Complaints & Customer Protection Unit

Dear Customers,

  1. At SiDi Wallet, we are very proud of our distinguished relationship with you and highly value your trust in the bank, products and services. We value your personal and corporate interest in our values, decisions and business. We always strive to maximize value for our customers and shareholders.
    Providing these services and our constant communication with you are a translation of the Bank’s policy that aims to enhance the quality of services and to provide them professionally at a high-level to our existing and potential customers.
    At SiDi Wallet we seek to continue developing, growing and adopting best practices in providing modern banking services to our customers, in order to achieve the bank’s goals for expansion, growth and maintaining complete customer satisfaction. We hope our dear customers to continue communicating and providing us with any remarks that you deem necessary for the development of the Bank’s services.
    We assure you that we will always try to be up to our responsibilities. As we are fully aware of the challenges of the future and the changes surrounding us, we are always committed to working on your satisfaction. To this end, we receive your complaints in an open mid and in several ways that have been made available for you to facilitate communication. Within the framework of transparency applied by the Complaints Unit, we provide you with the below various ways to file a complaint and the procedures that are followed till reply is made to that complaint. We pay great care for your complaints through our specialized staff until your complaints is resolved as soon and satisfactory as possible avoid recurrence in the future.
    These methods are as follows:

    First – How to file a complaint?

    There are several ways by which you can file a complaint:

    First method:

    The approved complaint form located next to the complaints box in our bank branches or available on the website is filled in and the form is then sent through one of the following ways: To download the complaint form, click “here

    • Putting the complaint inside the Complaints Box located in each branch.
    • Sending the complaint by mail addressed to the head of the Complaints Unit at the Bank – (P.O. Box 1220 Al Safat 13013 Kuwait).
    • Sending the complaint by e-mail to the head of the Complaints and Customer Protection Unit, Click here to fill in the complaint form and send it electronically to the complaints unit.
    • Hand deliver the complaint to the Complaints and Customer Protection Unit

    Second method:

    You can contact SiDi Wallet’s WhatsApp Service (22288886) and request to submit a complaint. The Call Center staff will transfer your complaint to the Complaints and Customer Protection Unit.

    Second- Steps and actions taken when the customer submits a complaint:

    Step 1-

    When the Complaints Unit receives the complaint sent from the customer by any of the above-mentioned methods, the complaint is fully studied, and the customer is contacted in case any clarifications are required.

    Step 2-

    The complaints unit sends the complaint to the concerned area to respond to the complaint as soon as possible, and the complaint is escalated to a higher-level official in the event of not responding within the period prescribed by the Complaints Unit.

    Step 3-

    Upon receipt of the response from the concerned department, the response will be studied and aligned with the procedures applicable at the bank, taking into account the stipulations in CBK instructions and the Customer Protection Manual in this regard.

    Step 4-

    the customer is contacted to provide him/her with a final response to his/her complaint, while keeping the customer’s right to take the appropriate actions in case he/she is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint.

    Step 5-

    The complaint is closed and appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure non recurrence.

    Remarks :

    1. The complaints unit shall respond to customer complaints within 15 working days from the date the Customer Complaints Unit receives the complaint.
    2. In the event of a formal complaint, the customer will be provided with a formal written response.
    3. The customer should file a grievance complaint to the Customer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Kuwait in the event that the customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the reasons for his/her complaint.


    Customer responsibilities and obligations stated in the ” Customers Protection Manual at Banks “:
    In the framework of determining Customer responsibilities and obligations, the customer should comply with the following:

    1. Be honest and provide the Bank with true authentic information.
    2. Read carefully all documents the bank provides to him for obtaining any service or product, with the necessity to identify any fees, commissions or any other liabilities or obligations laid down on the customer. The customer shall have to keep a copy of these documents before initiation of any financial or banking obligation.
    3. In event the customer does not understand any of the conditions or the procedures associated with the product or service he desires to obtain, he should ask the concerned bank staff, so that he can take his decisions based on clear and full vision.
    4. Comply with the procedures for submittal of the complaint, including the grievance measures to the Customer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Kuwait.
    5. Identify the risks that may arise as a result of his use of a product or service rendered by the bank, through the queries addressed to the concerned persons on the impacts arising from these risks, and shall have to avoid such risks as much as possible.
    6. Select from the products and services offered to him the ones that are most convenient to his circumstances and actual real capabilities to satisfy his actual requirements.
    7. Immediately advise the bank with which he deals of any banking transactions made on his account which he does not know anything about nor does he know their reasons, or transactions he has not authorized.
    8. Be cautious and vigilant in maintaining the confidentiality of his private information relevant to his transactions with the bank and shall not disclose such information to any third party for safeguarding his monies.
    9. Seek the advice and consultancy from the bank’s concerned staff in case he encounters any financial difficulties that may lead to his failure to satisfy the conditions of the contract concluded with him or use of the products and services rendered to him.
    10. Update his personal and banking information with the bank when requested to do so by the bank, or in event of change of this information.
    11. To confirm maintaining the banking confidentiality, and in event the customer needs to communicate with the bank he deals with by normal courier or email, he must use the postal address belonging to him to avoid access by any other person to his personal and banking information if he used an address that does not belong to him.
    12. In event the customer needs to grant an authorization or proxy to another person to transact on his accounts or monies with the bank, he must be cautious concerning the powers and information granted to the attorney, and to take the necessary action immediately upon his desire to revoke the proxies and to advise the bank of the same.
    13. Not to sign any financial documents, blank or incomplete information contracts, and he has to check these documents which the bank submits to him before their signature.
    14. Maintain in a safe place copies of documents of transactions with the Bank for easy reference to these documents when necessary.

    References: Banks’ Customers Protection Manual: to download Banks’ Customers Protection Manual issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait , please click here

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